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Custom Home Building And Remodeling Services Provided At Homeland Builders



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  • Project Feasibility Study: We will evaluate your projects design criteria in order to deliver the outcome you expect with regards to the selection of a new home site, the current and future site development of your lot, your custom home design, your budgeting implications, your expected construction materials, and your final finishes.
  • Preliminary Design-Build and Development Assistance: The first step in any building project is the design process, where you convey your vision and desired outcome. We pride ourselves on listening to our homeowners and working closely with them to design their dream home.  We truly care about our homeowners and work hard to make their experience with Homeland Builders LLC a pleasure, and a source for referrals.  Many of our homeowners bring us home plans they have purchased from an online home plans source. We will provide in house design consultation services allowing you to make the personalized changes to these floor plans, while providing you with accurate building budgets, a complete set of home plans for the permit approval process, and a construction schedule for the completion of your home.
  • Design-Build Architectural Services and Engineering: We can perform design-build services in house or if the project is too extensive we work with a wide array of architects and designers, and are happy to recommend one that we think would be a good match for your project.  It is very important that the builder and architect work together if there are serious budget constraints for the project.  This will save you the time and expense of generating drawings that don't reflect your vision and budget constraints. If you have already selected an architect, we will work with them to answer construction questions as well as address your budgetary concerns.
  • Construction Plans and Specifications: Once we have your detailed set of plans, we will provide a refined cost estimate that incorporates all of your project details.  We provide our homeowners with highly detailed scopes of work and estimates using real construction cost amounts we have collected over the years.  Our construction proposals are based on your specific plans and projects scope of work, inclusive of all the lot site costs we have reviewed with you. It is very important that the site costs are budgeted accurately because this is biggest cost variable in the homes budget.  We also provide you with healthy budgeting allowances for items not as yet determined, giving our homeowners the most accurate estimate of the true project costs.  Our homeowners find our budgeting process to be essential in helping them to realize the final finishes such as cabinets, countertops, decorative faucets, and flooring they are expecting and not be dissapointed with their builder.  We do not lowball our estimates to be awarded the project, the integrity of our budget numbers are real in order to minimize any unwarranted construction cost overages. You can be assured that Homeland Builders LLC will complete your next custom home building or remodeling project on time and within your budget.
  • Materials and Products Counseling: With the wide array of new products available in the home building industry today, we will help to guide you in making the best choices which fit your architectural design criteria and construction budget.  There are many ways in which we can craft your project details to help you personalize your home. We realize that no two projects are the same, and we advise our homeowners on the costs and benefits of various choices that will have the greatest impact on their architectural criteria, construction budget, and long term maintenance costs.
  • Site Engineering and Permits: After you have approved the conceptual drawings for the project we will generate a detailed set of plans for submittal to the local county planning and building departments.  We use our expertise and personal relationships with engineering firms in dealing with the local county department requirements to navigate and streamline the permitting process. For someone inexperienced in dealing with these governmental agencies, this process can be extremely time-consuming and frustrating.
  • Project Management and Construction: it is very important to have a single highly qualified professional project manager on your job site.  One who is competent and completely responsible for the site supervision.  This will assure that the quality and efficiency of the project will be maintained throughout the construction process through careful scheduling and communication.


custom home


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