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The Custom Home Building Process

At Homeland Builders LLC we believe that building a new luxury custom home is a reflection of each Client’s tastes and styles, developed from their own personal experiences and desires.  It is our goal is to build your custom home incorporating each client’s unique vision from start to finish in a proven program created to exceed our client’s expectations. Our “Start Building Dreams” Program combined with our experience, knowledge, and personalized approach is designed to simplify the process of building a custom home by providing our client’s with a step-by-step, organized roadmap of the custom home building process when buying a new luxury custom home, from choosing a plan that fits your family’s lifestyle through selecting the construction materials and finishes to be included in your new custom home.  We believe that the sharing of mutual knowledge between our Client, Sales Agents, and us will result in a smooth and enjoyable new home buying and construction experience.  

We want to make sure we design and craft the fine custom home you always wanted, because the most important luxury custom home we build is yours.

The Roadmap for Homeland Builders "Start Building Dreams" Program:

Phase I - Custom Home Pre-Contract Stage

1. Meet with Builder and Sales Agent
Describe your new home search experiences, the type of new home you desire, and the features you would like in your new home.  Discuss your financial concerns so that we can provide you with the home styles and features that fit within your budget. If you have your own plan we can compare the features to one of our comparable plans, make changes to one of our plans to incorporate the features you desire or build your plan.

2. Lot Feasibility Study

Builder will walk the lot with you to discuss the location of your new home on the lot and review the status of your lot with respect to engineering, permitting, and site conditions.

3. Meet our Preferred Lender

Given the complexity of building a custom home, even if you have your own lender, we will ask you to meet with our Custom Home Loan Representative.  Typically, our Preferred Lender will be able to offer more creative financing options, with better rates, and lower fees.  And our close working relationship ensures a smooth loan process without problems or delays that could impact the construction and settlement of your new home. After your initial meeting, you may choose to use our Preferred Lender or use your own to obtain a pre-approval for your loan.

4. Review of Plans and Preliminary Construction Specifications

Meet with Builder to discuss and review our architectural plans or your architectural plans to insure that they fit your lifestyle.  We encourage Clients to make changes to the plans to include features they desire.  In some cases Clients may wish to design their own home (Conceptual Plan).  We are able to design in house or we can provide you with an architect to take you through the design phase of your new home.  Builder will also discuss and review our "Builder Specification Selection Checklist" for the materials to be used for construction and the finishes you wish to have in your new home.  The Checklist will ensure that we agree on important components of the construction of your home including Foundations, Heating/AC, Rough Framing, Floor Covering, Exterior Finish, Appliances, Windows, Interior Finish, Roofing, Electrical, and Plumbing.

5. Tour the Design Studios
Tour the Design Studios to become familiar with the products that have been selected for your new home and to introduce to you the wide-ranging selections and options available. Pricing and selections will take place at a future meeting.

Phase II - Custom Home Preliminary Contract Stage

6. Review of Client Specifications

Builder will meet to discuss your preliminary construction specifications and make a detailed review of your plan so an initial contract price can be prepared.  A small non-refundable fee may be required for the costs of estimating your plan depending on its complexity.  This fee, if required will be credited to your final sales price.

7. Cost-to-Build Estimate and Loan Application

An estimated contract price will be presented to you based upon your preliminary construction specifications and preliminary lot site conditions.  This will be a good estimate of the home's cost and will help you decide what loan amount to apply for.  You are ready to submit a loan application. Your Loan Officer will begin compiling the necessary information to move you're financing forward, including W-2s, pay stubs, bank statements, etc. The Loan Officer will also get a copy of the plans and specifications so an Appraisal can be ordered. At this time you will be required to sign our Sales Agreement to proceed any further in our Start Building Dreams Program.

8. Writing Your' Sales Agreement

Our Sales Agent will contact you to write a Sales Agreement. At this meeting, the Sales Agent will review and explain the following:; (1) Sales Agreement; (2) General House Site Plan; (3) Community Disclosure Statement; (4) Consumer Rights Booklet; (5) State Attorney General's New Home Booklet; (6) Sample Residential Warranty Corporation 10-Year Limited Warranty; (7) Final Pre-Occupancy Inspection and Policy; and 8) Home Inspection Policy.

Phase III - Custom Home Preliminary Design Stage

9. Initial Architect Meeting (Not Required If Using Builder Plan)

In most cases a portion or the entire Client plan will need to be redrawn for custom changes, building methods & materials, permitting requirements and local codes.  We will have your plan redrawn and reviewed by a structural engineer.

An initial architect meeting is required with builder's Architect to review your construction specifications, prepare a scope of work, outline the design process and establish a basis for proceeding to the Conceptual Design Phase.  Client will be required to sign contract for professional architectural services, if required.

10. Conceptual Design Phase (Not Required If Using Builder Plan)

Meet with Builder and Architect to review the Conceptual Plan (sketch form) based upon initial architect meeting. Architect to provide, if applicable: preliminary frontrear elevations; preliminary firstsecond floor plans; and preliminary outline of construction specifications. Client will have two review sessions during this phase. Upon written approval and acceptance of Conceptual Plans, Architect will proceed to the Design Development phase. At this time, a review of the design time frame will be established.

11. Design Studios Selection Meeting

At this meeting, our Designers will take you through the selections process upon which you will make your final choices with respect to flooring goods, appliances, cabinets, countertops, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and exterior color schemes, etc. Requests for pricing on your personal custom designs are also created at this time.

Phase IV - Custom Home Design Development Stage

12. Design Development Phase (Not Required If Using Builder Plan)

Meet with Builder and Architect to review the Design Development drawings (computer generated format) based upon approved conceptual drawings.  Architect to provide, if applicable: frontrear elevations; foundation plan; finished lower level, firstsecond floor plans; building sections; finalize construction specifications, finishes and other factors which will impact design. There is only one review session in this phase as part of basic fee.  Upon written approval and acceptance of Design Development Drawings, Architect will proceed to the Construction Documents phase.  At this time, a review of the time frame to provide Construction Plans will be established.

Phase V -Custom Home Construction Documents

13. Construction Documents Phase (Not Required If Using Builder Plan)

Architect to provide Construction Drawings for your final review and approval (computer generated format) based upon approved Design Development drawings.  Architect to provide, if applicable: final frontrear elevations with complete information required for construction; foundation plan with final engineering and information required for construction; finished lower level, firstsecond floor plans with final engineering and information required for construction; building sections to illustrate volume areas, stairs, and other critical features required for construction with final engineering incorporated; construction specifications and notes completed and ready for construction for electrical plans of foundation lower level plan, firstsecond floor plans showing principal light fixtures and ceiling fans, construction details such as foundation, wall section, and other construction details as needed to properly illustrate construction and materials.  Upon written approval and acceptance of Construction Plans, Builder will proceed with final contract pricing.

Phase VI - Custom Home Final Contract Stage

14. Final Contract Pricing

Builder will provide you with the final pricing based upon your construction documents, selections from our Design Studios and personal customs designs. At this meeting, you will FINALIZE all contract paperwork including selections, options, and custom designs. Please note any modifications or additions to your home after this meeting will incur a Change Order Fee plus the cost of the change.

15. Loan Approval

Your complete loan package will be submitted for loan approval.

Phase VII Custom Home Construction Stage

16. Start Meeting

Builder will schedule a Start Meeting upon receipt of your final construction loan approval. At this meeting Builder will present and review you're Start Package; complete with the construction plans and documents, site plan, building permit and Sales Agreement documents. The Start Meeting is not a time to make changes because building permit, final engineering, house stakeout, and ordering of materials will be in process or completed.

17. Closing On Your Construction Loan

Your Lender will coordinate with you and the title company to find a convenient time and location for the closing of your construction loan. As soon as you close on the construction loan you can start building.  As your home is being built, your Lender will keep in touch with you to answer any finance related questions you may have.

18. Construction Draw Process

During construction the Builder will request draws from the construction fund in accordance with the Draw Schedule for work that has been completed and inspected by the Lender.

19.  Pre Drywall Inspection

Prior to installation of drywall, the Builder will schedule a meeting with you to complete and sign the Close-In Inspection Checklist. You are asked to bring your copy of the Start Package, which you received at the Start Meeting. 

20. Final Construction Draw Authorization

Builder will contact you to sign the Final Draw Authorization Letter and obtain Homeowners insurance. Upon release of the final draw and receipt of the Use & Occupancy permit, you will be able to move into you new home. It is important that your overall financial picture not change adversely from your initial meeting with the Custom Home Loan Program team.  

21. Final Pre-Occupancy Inspection

Builder will schedule a meeting at your convenience to complete the Final Pre-Occupancy Inspection Checklist. We will walk your new home and prepare a punch list of any items which may require additional attention.  You will be enrolled under the Residential 10-Year Limited Warranty program.  A list of all subcontractors which performed work on your home will be supplied to you. 

22. Permanent Loan

Your construction portion of the loan will transition into your permanent loan product.

23. MOVE IN!

custom home



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