How to Choose the Perfect Lot for Your New Custom Home

How to Choose the Perfect Lot for Your New Custom Home

When you set about building a new custom home, where do you start?

When you set about building a new custom home, where do you start? Do you choose the style of the home and draw up initial plans? Or do you choose the perfect lot for it first? You should be sure that the house and the landscape around it mesh. After all, there’s no arguing that the lot that you set your new custom home on will be affected by the land around it.

Ask the Right Questions

First, start by asking the right questions. What’s the personality of the land like? Green and lush with plenty of mysterious woods? Gray and foreboding? Does the landscape itself lend to design ideas or color choices? You need to answer all of these questions, along with a few more:

Is there a street or a road nearby? Where is the driveway located? How much landscaping will be required?

Common Lot Issues

Once you begun to settle on which lot you wish to build on, keep in mind that there are some common lot issues to deal with as well.  Don’t hesitate to consult experts for their suggestions about what to do. Sometimes, your builders will also be able to bring consultants into the project. These consultants can give you advice based on legal and scientific aspects of custom home building. What is the land like? Consider these conditions:

  • The Soil: Is there hazardous waste or hidden contaminants on the property’s soil?
  • Stability: Is the land around your lot prone to landslides and sinkholes?
  • Water sources and drainage: Are there rivers or hills nearby? The terrain around your lot could influence where water runs.
  • Noise: How close are you to airports, highways, and train tracks? If you can’t deal with how loud these sources of noise are, perhaps you’ll want to establish your home in a different lot instead.

Consider the Cost

Finally, consider the cost of the project. By pinching money when it comes to the land in service of the house, you may be unhappy with the results. If you want to make changes to the lot rather than building in a much more accommodating location, just remember that this could turn out to be a much more expensive venture.

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