Design & Build FAQ’s

How long has Homeland Builders LLC been providing Maryland homeowners with beautiful custom homes?

Vince Mazza, owner of Homeland Builders, has been a resident of Anne Arundel County for over 35 years, taking pride in his community and sharing his own knowledge and expertise in custom homebuilding in the same place where he lives. With over three decades of diversified, hands-on experience in the construction industry with residential construction, commercial, and industrial projects, each project approached by Homeland Builders is unique and specifically designed to the vision of the family that will proudly live under its roof.

Is the process for having my own custom home design a difficult?

Not at all! Every member of the Homeland Builders LLC expert team of designers and specialists is proudly dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction in the professionally-crafted custom home you always wanted. That is because the most important luxury custom home we build is yours. The Homeland Builders LLC signature “Start Building Dreams Program” is the renowned, proven process in which our team works hands-on with each individual homeowner to craft a unique and personal journey towards the creation of the house of their dreams. With over 15 years of professionalism and client satisfaction, the expert Homeland Builders LLC team uses this multi-step program as an educational and creative collaboration to make the design and build process as effortless and stress-free for the homeowner as possible, ensuring the fastest turnaround to get their families moved into their beautiful new home.

I have a very specific idea of how I want my custom home to look. Can your expert team create my vision?

Absolutely. Homeland Builders LLC is unique in its personalized approach to the custom home design and build process. This is due to the great emphasis that we place on communication with the homeowner. Our expert team understands the role that communication plays in shaping your home building experience. During the home building process, we encourage each client to share their thoughts and ideas in creating their dream home. Additionally, we accompany our clients to meetings with our dedicated team of home building professionals, where the house design, site plan design and material choices will be made transforming each homeowners ideas and visions into a home truly as distinctive and unique as the homeowners themselves.

Does a custom home project have a warranty process, as well?

Yes. Having a new home built just for you and your family is a major decision, and a warranty is a surefire way to prolong the safety and longevity of your investment. When you purchase your new luxury custom home from Homeland Builders LLC it comes with a 10-Year Written Warranty provided by the Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC).

Residential Warranty Company is one of the nation’s oldest and largest providers of written insured new home warranties, providing homeowners with a strong foundation of security for their home. RWC has been in the warranty business for over 35 years and has issued warranties on over 3 million homes.

Are there variations of the type of custom homes that the Homeland Builders LLC team can build?

Yes! Our professional design and build teams not only specialize in traditional custom home construction, but also modular homes and waterfront construction, as well. A modular home is one that is built indoors in a factory-like setting. The finished products are covered and transported to their new locations, where they are assembled by a builder. A modular home is not a mobile home; it is simply a home that is built off-site, as opposed to on-site. These homes are often called factory-built, system-built or prefab (short for prefabricated) homes. Manufactured homes are not placed on permanent foundations.

Because modular homes are built indoors, they can be completed in a matter of a few weeks, as opposed to months. A factory-built home starts out as sections that have been built in a climate-controlled area. The finished sections are transported to the building site and then assembled with cranes. This process resembles a child building with Lego blocks. Modular homes cannot be moved after they have been placed and set on their foundations.

While our services include every form of design and build, some of our most luxurious offerings are for Waterfront Custom Homes – bringing all the knowledge and professionalism of our traditional services to create architectural designs to compliment the views of your waterfront property. Even when it comes to this very specific form of custom homebuilding, with Homeland Builders LLC, you are always guided and educated throughout the process, guaranteeing for a stress-free and exciting creative process.

Are there tips for choosing a builder for building on your lot?

Testimonial letters that mention team members by name is a great indicator of how involved the team is in building your home. Photo tours also will show how unique the homes are as custom home builders have a variety of floor plans with very different looks. You can also ask the builder to tour homes that are currently being built to see “behind the walls.”