Important Considerations for Choosing a Custom Home Builder

Important Considerations for Choosing a Custom Home Builder

Choosing a builder is the most crucial step in the home building process.

Buying a home is a stressful experience, full of hard decisions. If you’ve instead decided to get your home custom built, that doesn’t mean that those decisions are going to go away. In fact, you often end up making more decisions, but you get your perfectly designed dream home in the end, so it’s worth the work. The first major decision you have to make is choosing who your custom builder will be. While you’re making this decision, here are some important things to consider.

The Builder’s Work

When you’re looking for a custom home builder, you should start by looking at their online portfolios. Get a sense for the type of work they do and the style of home they usually build. Do they do homes in the size range you’re hoping for? Are there examples on their portfolios of the style of home you want? Take your time with this process and be meticulous – you want all the details in your custom home right. Don’t be afraid to be “picky” about your concerns and questions – it’s your dream home after all. A good home builder will welcome your questions because their work will be strong enough to withstand the scrutiny.

The Builder’s Personality

You may feel like the person you’re hiring doesn’t have to be likable, as long as they get the job done. On the contrary, you are going to be working with this person for months. You want them to be someone you feel comfortable talking to, someone who will worry about your wants and concerns as if they were their own. You want the person to be approachable and open to clear communication so that you avoid hiccups. If you have bad feelings after meeting them the first time, take note of it. These feelings may go away, but more than likely they will multiply in the months you spend working together.

The Builder’s Reputation

Finally, you want a builder with a good reputation, and this includes their relationship with subcontractors. Check out the review sites and consumer advocacy groups to see what other people say about your potential builders. Ask for references who you can call and ask about the quality of their work. Ask the builder for the names of the subcontractors they work with and look into them as well. Your builder should work with reputable, experienced subcontractors, so they should be open to telling you about them.

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