4 Advantages of a Single-Level Custom Home

4 Advantages of a Single-Level Custom Home

Have you ever considered a single-level custom home?

During the process of finding or building a new custom home, you might think it is only worth it to build up instead of building out. Have you ever considered a single-level custom home? If you haven’t then here are some advantages that you should think about when it’s time to look for a new home.

Great for Everyone

When you have a large family, a single-level custom home might not seem like the best idea on the surface. However, if you only need a few bedrooms, it might be an intriguing idea to explore. No matter the ages of your family members, such a custom home is a great idea because, without stairs, you won’t have to worry about anyone falling and getting hurt. It’ll also be much easier to clean and repair everything in your home because you won’t have to climb up and down the stairs to do so.

More Energy Efficient

Staying cool as the summer approaches is much easier in a single-level custom home. You won’t have to worry about heat rising, leaving the lower levels of the home freezing while the upper floors are unbearably hot. Save some money on your energy bills, and put that money to better use elsewhere.

Wide Open

You might also think that a single-level custom home will be dark and cramped. It’s actually the opposite of that – they can be wide open instead. Walls won’t have to get in the way, and you can add as many windows as you like to let in more even more natural light to help your space feel even larger.


We understand how expensive house hunting can be, even with a home that’s already ready to move into. Building a single-level custom home doesn’t need to be a costly venture, either. You won’t need as much furniture, can save money on your taxes, and won’t have to spend as much to cover the costs of materials, supplies, labor, and future maintenance.

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