Tips for Moving Into Your Custom Home Without Damaging It

Tips for Moving Into Your Custom Home Without Damaging It

Moving into your new custom home is exciting!

Congratulations! Your new custom home is finally ready for you to move into it, just in time for the Labor Day holiday. Take advantage of the long weekend to get settled into your new place. But how you can move in without damaging any part of your dream home? Let’s find out.

Make a Plan

Plans can make anything run more smoothly. Moving into your new custom home is no exception. Make your life easier by coming up with floor plans so you know exactly where everything will go before you enter a room. That way, you can be sure the furniture will be in the right place and won’t take up too much space. Then, make sure you know how wide every door is, and take the dimensions of entryways and staircases into account.

Watch the Floors

While you’re busy looking up, you won’t think to look down. As important as the walls and ceilings are, you can’t forget about the floors of your new home. Whether they’re made of tile, carpet, or hardwood, you don’t want any scratches or stains on them. Put down some plastic or cardboard to cover up the floors. If you’re moving on a rainy day, another clever solution is to put down some towels so you don’t track muddy shoes all over your brand new floors. Besides, it’s much easier to clean an old towel than it is a new rug.

Mind the Corners

It’s easy to bump your elbows and heads on corners if you’re backing a heavy kitchen table in without looking behind you. Protect the walls with some moving blankets that a friend loaned you. Be sure to use some other towels to cover the railing in the staircase so you don’t scratch that.

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