Tips for Moving Into Your New Custom Home

Tips for Moving Into Your New Custom Home
Moving into your new home is an exciting time!

Congratulations! After months of anticipation, your custom home is finally finished and ready for you to move into it. But the question is, what do you do next? We have some tips for how to move into your new custom home and what you should keep in mind as you venture into this exciting new time in your life.

You Don’t Need to Stick with the Lender

Don’t feel obligated to stay with the lender that your custom home building partner recommended. Do your research and see if there are other lenders who will give you a better deal. This can save you money on the closing costs so you’ll have more money in your budget to finish furnishing the house or adding other decorations that you didn’t think of while the house was under construction. However, this tip is one of the ones that is better followed earlier on in the process. Even if you didn’t do this, don’t feel down about it!

Walk Through the House

Take a few minutes and think about what the model house looked like, and then walk through your completed custom home. There are going to be some imperfections that can fixed easily enough later on, but if there are major problems, then it’s a sign that there is still some work that needs to be done. Monitor the progress that the contractors are making throughout the construction process – that way, if you spot anything wrong, then there is plenty of time to straighten it out before closing happens.

Look Over the Contract

Give the contract one more look-over before finalizing it. Two weeks before the final closing date, be sure to consult the contract you agreed on and make sure that everything is to your liking. If there is something that you’re unsure about, then this is the perfect time to ask more questions about it.

Ask More Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask more questions. A reputable custom home builder won’t see it as a nuisance. That said, you need to be reasonable as well. If something seems fishy, call the construction manager. For this to yield results though, you need to maintain a good relationship with your custom home builder for you. Although they are managing the majority of the project for you, you don’t want to take them for granted, either.

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