The Process of Choosing New Tile

Congratulations on your new home! One of the decisions you need to make when it comes time to design your custom home is what tile you want. This tile will be placed in various parts of your home, not just in the kitchen. What do you need to think about? 

The Process of Choosing New Tile
This tile will be placed in various parts of your home, not just in the kitchen.

Think About Location

Finding the right tile depends on your answer to several questions. For instance, which rooms need some tiles in them? Where would it make more sense to have carpet, and where would you prefer to have hardwood floors? The kitchen and bathroom both need some tiles, at least for the backsplashes if not for the floors. The tub and shower in the bathroom can also be outfitted with tiles, too. Laundry rooms and basements can also have tile put in them, which can help you cool off on a warm day or provide a base to add more furnishings when you need to take shelter from a storm outside.

Think About Durability 

The next step is to consider how durable the different types of tiles are. Two common materials are ceramic and porcelain. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do. Your custom home partner can make recommendations on how to proceed. You also have other options that aren’t synthetic but come from nature instead: one example is stone. Talk to your custom home builder to see if the stone is a good idea for your new house. 

Think About the Size

Overlooking the size of the tiles can throw off the design of your entire home. Finding the right aesthetic balance can be hard to do. Choose larger tiles for the rooms that need to feel more wide-open. At the same time, don’t ignore the effect that smaller tiles can bring. Plus, it just makes more sense to use smaller tiles in backsplashes and mosaics made out of tiles. Whatever you have in mind, don’t hesitate to communicate the theme of each room and try to unify it throughout the entire home! 

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