Dealing with Clutter in Your Custom Home

Let’s face it: it’s easy for our homes to fill up with clutter. Imagine for a moment that you decided to stop paying for your storage unit, except now you have no idea where to put your extra items. While attics and basements are an idea, not every home, custom or not, will be equipped with these storage spaces. You will have to get creative when it is time to deal with clutter in your custom home.

Dealing with Clutter in Your Custom Home
Let’s face it: it’s easy for our homes to fill up with clutter.

The Kitchen

Let’s focus on the kitchen. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you might not have enough storage. Then again, you might not have time to think about the most efficient storage methods, and every item you add to the kitchen in an attempt to declutter it only adds more clutter. Clear off the counters, leaving only a few essentials such as the coffee maker, toaster, and knife drawer. Then look at what you took off the counters – either put them into storage or find a way to dispose of them. Donation is a good idea if you’re unwilling to throw something away. Reorganize spices and cooking utensils and keep them close to wherever the stove is.

The Pantry

Let’s turn our attention to the pantry. The pantry is often located near the kitchen, and can quickly become just as cluttered. This is where you can put appliances that you want to hang on to but don’t use every day. Also, make better use of vertical space. Label the containers in your pantry and keep items in there so you can dispose of bags, packaging, cans, and bottles. Then consider upgrading lower cabinets by adding doors to cut down on how much clutter hits your eye.  

Your Desk

Don’t underestimate how cluttered your desk can become. Once you no longer have a reason to keep your desk, get rid of it as soon as you can. That can eliminate more problems than you can see coming. Get rid of paper junk as soon as you see it. Organize bills and other documents you need to address in an inbox and check it every week to stay on top of deadlines. Find a neat way to keep your receipts instead of letting them pile up.

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