Make the Most Of Your Custom Home Interior Design

Make the Most Of Your Custom Home Interior Design

Here’s how you can make the most of the interior design for your new custom home this summer.

The exterior parts of your custom home are super important. That said, don’t judge a custom home by its siding and tile roof and window boxes. Here’s how you can make the most of the interior design for your new custom home this summer.  

Express Your Personality

Your home should be a safe place to express your individuality. The outside world may not always agree with your choices and your lifestyle, but either way, you want to show that off to the people who matter most in your life: your friends and family. Expressing your personality starts at the front door. Once inside, use pictures, paintings, color schemes, and unique decorations that speak to what you’re passionate about and what makes you who you are – sports, cars, books, pets – anything!

Mix the Colors

Our second interior design tip has to do with colors. Try mixing up the colors you use inside your custom home. A beach theme in your bathroom, for instance, is a great idea. But you’d need to use midnight blue or seafoam green or sandy white; a mixture of colors can help make the space feel more alive than if you just stuck to a plain color instead.

Stay Classic

Modern homes are getting more advanced all the time, with smart technology that can adjust the thermostat or turn on the coffee maker for you. Maybe the lights will turn off after you leave the room. Even with all of these futuristic features, don’t be afraid to have your decorations and design choices connect by to a time that has already come and gone. Decorate with family heirlooms or use furniture from decades ago that is just now coming back into fashion. The house of your dreams isn’t just created by your custom home builder, but by your presence there too.

Homeland Builders Can Help You Design and Build Your Dream Home!

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