How to Maintain the Exterior of Your Custom Luxury Home

How to Maintain the Exterior of Your Custom Luxury Home

Now is a great time to start getting the outside of your custom home ready for spring!

Now that it’s spring, your custom home could use some refreshing. As we’ve seen, winter isn’t fully behind us yet, and that’s a problem for the exterior of your custom luxury home. Luckily, we have some helpful tips for you to follow.

On the Roof

When it comes to performing maintenance on your custom home, you should work your way down. So, to get things started off right, take a closer look at your roof. Try to spot any shingles that are coming loose. You should also inspect the roof flashing and see if any nails are showing up when they shouldn’t be. Vents also need to be looked over, because they could become clogged or loose without you realizing it. Don’t forget to also examine your gutters and downspouts, since they are essential for carrying excess water away from your custom luxury home’s roof.

On the Walls

Depending on the aesthetic you wanted for your custom home, your walls may look different than that of your neighbors. Brick and stone are durable enough to survive the extreme Maryland weather, but the mortar holding them together can still degrade. You should also be on the lookout for water damage, and any other physical damages, such as holes. These holes can provide a hiding place for insects such as ants or termites.

On the Foundation

Along with the roof and walls, you’ll need to check on your custom home’s foundation. Your brand new custom home shouldn’t have any problems with the foundation yet, but it wouldn’t hurt to make sure after all the snow and ice melt. The runoff could cause problems you’re not aware of yet.

In the Yard

Clean up any debris you see in your yard. Early spring is also a good time to revive your lawn and landscape, so do what you can to get rid of weeds while encouraging beautiful grass growth that will increase your curb appeal and help make you the envy of the neighborhood.

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