How to Make Your Living Room More Interesting

Part of designing a living room is making some space in your home where you can relax. On top of that, you want to be able to impress anyone who comes over to visit. A boring living room doesn’t have to be part of your custom home. Here are some ways to spice it up.

How to Make Your Living Room More Interesting
Part of designing a living room is making some space in your home where you can relax.

Make Something the Centerpiece

Finding something to draw the eye can be an excellent way to make your living room more lively. It doesn’t always have to be centered around the entertainment center, even though the TV, sound bar, and other electronics should have pride of place. Add some artwork, such as a painting, a portrait, or a sculpture that can become a talking point.

Pick Different Colors

Summer is a time of warmth and sunshine. If you are reluctant to let the outdoors in, you can at least give off the illusion that you are trying to do it. Choose some brighter colors, like white, cream, and beige. Orange and yellow can work too, as long as you don’t overdo it. There’s a fine line between color and exuberance that can be hard on the eyes. The furniture you pick, the lights, and the curtains need to reflect this aesthetic as well.

Let There Be New Lighting

Lighting up your living room is important, too. You don’t want it to be too bright, but you also don’t want it to be too dark. That’s why you need to consider all the lights in your living room as much as you do in other parts of your custom home. Pick fixtures that are out of the ordinary and will attract the attention of your guests.

Think About the Layout

Finally, take some time to think about the layout of your living room. This will have to do with how large your living room is, and the way that it is oriented. If there’s not enough room to move around in, then movie night and game night aren’t going to be much fun.

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