Design Elements for a Family-Friendly Kitchen

Design Elements for a Family-Friendly Kitchen

A beautiful new kitchen will make it easier for you to spend time with your kids and help them with their assignments.

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and a beautiful new kitchen will make it easier for you to spend time with your kids and help them with their assignments. But how can you organize your kitchen to make it an effective workspace and a gathering point for your family? 

Mission Control Center

Set aside a cabinet to be a spot for charging phones and other devices. Then add two cabinets and room for a calendar to keep track of daily events. The cabinets should be designated for paperwork and mail in one cabinet, and a library book drawer in the other. Save some room for school supplies and even items for grooming and hygiene, such as hairbrushes and combs.

Creating Multiple Functional Areas

Keeping your kitchen organized is easy when you create multiple functional areas within it. Cabinets and baskets could be repurposed from holding potatoes, vegetables, and other produce to instead store school supplies, snacks, and drinks for your little ones. If your existing space isn’t enough, consider adding an island to your kitchen!

Put in an Island

Kitchen islands and their accompanying stools are a tremendous addition to any kitchen. They allow your children to have more room to distribute their work, their papers, and their books. You could also try keeping a small chalkboard on this island. Write a set of five different vocabulary words for your child to memorize. Reward them with small prizes, such as money towards their allowance. Even if you choose this method to encourage them to learn, don’t forget that they should still strive to complete all of their chores as well.

Hang a Kitchen Clock

Next, embellish the wall with a kitchen clock. There’s less need to rely on a clock on a microwave or stovetop if you have another physical clock mounted in your kitchen. After all, sometimes your kitchen appliances won’t even have a clock built in.

Put the Kids’ Art and Accomplishments on Display

Brighten up your kitchen and make it more cheerful by displaying your kids’ art and accomplishments. You could always turn the kitchen into a small gallery, but no matter what design you choose, you can show your kids how much you appreciate them and their hard work.

Add a Mudroom

Mudrooms are great places to store sporting equipment. On rainy days, everyone can take off their wet coats and shoes and keep the mess and the smell out of the rest of your home. You could even decorate the walls with pictures of your children’s artwork.

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