How to Create the Perfect Guest Suite in Your Custom Home

How to Create the Perfect Guest Suite in Your Custom Home

Keep everyone comfortable, even when you have visitors!

If you love to entertain or like to have family visit a guest suite might be the perfect way to ensure that everyone has their personal space while visiting. Adding a guest suite is a great way to increase the value of your home while making it more comfortable for you while you reside there. With that in mind, let’s discuss some things to consider as you begin to plan your guest suite in your custom home.

Finding the Space

Depending on your options you may have more or less space for your guest suite. It’s possible that you will only have a spare room to work with. Alternatively, you might have an entire section of the house or a standalone structure. In any case, it’s best to work with a designer to ensure that any construction needs are following local code. As you consider the space, you have available consider your guests: if your guests are mostly the elderly or young children having the guest suite on the ground floor might be beneficial for accessibility and preventing too much noise from bothering you.

Be Accommodating

As you consider the accommodations your guests will need you may want to work with professionals to see if there are any considerations you might be missing. If you are having elderly guests, you may need to make sure to add extra safety precautions like a ramp or shower bars. If your guests might use a walker or wheelchair, you’ll need to keep the extra space for ease of access in mind as you set up your layout. Alternatively, if your guests will have small children a game room might be a good choice. Working with a professional can help you to avoid missing any critical factors.


How you will decorate your guest suite depends on several factors; if you want it to blend with the decor of your home, who your most frequent guests will be, and the overall atmosphere you wish to create. Some of the most important things to consider are comfort and care. In general, you will want your guests to be comfortable while staying with you, but you also do not want to make cleaning and care too hard on yourself. Stick with easy to clean and maintain options like easily washable linens and drapes and easy to clean floorings such as laminate or hardwood.

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