Adding More Storage in Your Custom Home Design

Adding More Storage in Your Custom Home Design
One of the problems you could have with your current home design is the lack of storage.

One of the problems you could have with your current home design is the lack of storage. Whether it is because you’re not sure where to put things or you simply don’t have all of the space you need, it can be frustrating. This can also make your house messier than it needs to be. Here are some ideas for getting more storage in your custom home design. 

Include an Attic

Your attic could be something you don’t use. But that’s a mistake. When designing your custom home, don’t overlook how useful the attic can be. Even if you have a fear of heights, that doesn’t mean someone else in your family does. If you use your garage as a storage space or a workshop, then you might not have somewhere to park your car. That’s why an attic is so useful. It can be above the garage, above the bedrooms, or anywhere else you think it might fit. You’ll just have to speak to your custom home design partner. 

Expand the Garage 

The next solution is to make the garage bigger. Whether or not you want to have a detached garage, you’ll never know how useful it is until there is enough room for two cars, a lawnmower, mountain bikes, and spare paper products such as tissues and paper towels. The three-car garage is even more spacious than a two-car garage! 

Add Crawl Spaces or Bigger Closets 

Adding a crawl space or making the closet bigger can relieve the stress associated with putting everything in its right place. Sometimes, a walk-in closet sounds like something you don’t need, but you deserve some luxury. It is, after all, your home.  

Incorporate Hidden Storage Spaces

Keeping something in a safe place doesn’t help if you made it safe from yourself. That said, you can still get clever and incorporate hidden storage spaces. A murphy bed can fold up into the wall when you don’t need it. Raise the bed frame to get some under-bed storage. Storage ottomans help too, but if you’ve always dreamed of having a hidden room in your home, then now is the time to make that dream a reality. 

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