4 Tips for Better Bathroom Lighting

4 Tips for Better Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important design elements in your bathroom.

Lighting is one of the most important design elements in your bathroom. Your bathroom lighting should be well suited to a variety of activities, from short “pit stops,” to long, relaxing soaks in the tub, to hurriedly getting ready for work in the morning. Follow these tips to create the bathroom lighting that works for your home.

Natural Light

When lighting your bathroom, the more natural light you can get, the better. Choose window dressings that will let in as much natural light as possible, without compromising your privacy. If your bathroom is on the inside of your home and natural light isn’t possible, consult your designer for the best way to keep the lighting as healthy for you as possible.

Light Up Your Vanity

Most people use their bathroom vanity as a place to get ready to go out, to work, or to get ready for bed. This should be the brightest part of your bathroom. The best vanity lighting comes from fixtures hung on either side of the mirror. If you like a lot of light when you’re getting ready but not all the time, consider some dimmable bulbs. LED bulbs are flexible, and they use less energy than a lot of other types of bulbs.

Tub and Shower Lighting

Other than your vanity, your tub and shower should be one of the brightest spots in your bathroom. Since you can’t have any open or hanging fixtures within 8 feet of your tub, this can be a challenge. It generally makes the most sense to put the tub near a window so that it can just be lit from the outside. This way, there’s plenty of light for a quick shower in the morning, and it’s not super bright if you want to have a long soak in the evening.

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