2 Neat Upgrades for Your Kitchen Cabinets

2 Neat Upgrades for Your Kitchen Cabinets

is it time to upgrade your kitchen cabinets?

Do you like your current kitchen cabinet design? Do you want to upgrade them, but you’re unsure where to start? Luckily, we have some inspiration for you. Here are two clever ways to upgrade your kitchen cabinets.

Combined Trash and Recycling

Working in the kitchen will produce plenty of trash and materials fit for the recycling bin. But one way to keep your remodeled kitchen looking beautiful is to combine the trash can and the recycling container inside your upgraded cabinet. You won’t need to spend money on high-priced devices for your kitchen just yet.

By placing a combined trash and recycling bin inside your kitchen cabinets, you can pull it out when you need it and then hide it again when you don’t. Preparing a meal has never been easier when you can put the rubbish in the bin without missing a beat. Need to clean up your dishes before loading the dishwasher? You can clean off the plates in this bin before placing your dishes in the sink. At that point, your dishwasher can probably sense how full your sink is and automatically prepare the next dishwashing cycle.

Ingenious Shelving

There are still even more possibilities to consider! Your kitchen should be a point of pride, Enjoy the time you spend in your kitchen. Another way to do that is to integrate some ingenious shelving ideas into your new kitchen cabinets.

Lazy susan: You may have seen a larger lazy susan on a dinner table, but you can make your corner cabinet a secret wonderland but installing a lazy susan. This circular tray or shelf can spin, meaning you can easily retrieve spices and seasonings, or the stockpot you use on weekends.

Pull-out shelves: For your heavier items, you could consider using pull-out shelves. You won’t get lost digging around in the back anymore. It’ll make it easier to find and access items you would otherwise forget about, but not anymore.

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